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International Programs has been the leading force for international education at Florida State University for over 60 years. In this time, we’ve helped over 40,000 undergraduate and graduate students study abroad by enrolling in one of over 45 different programs in more than 15 countries all over the globe. Our students have traveled everywhere from Panama to Switzerland while completing degrees in disciplines such as Social Work and Human Affairs, Hospitality, Education and Psychology. Our alumni have gone on to great success in every field imaginable— many even taking the leap of faith into building their own businesses and companies.

Our people are wired differently: they’re risk-takers, adventurous, independent, loyal — and they get their work done. We pride ourselves on being champions of both work and play. We’re not afraid to step out of our comfort zone and redefine what it means to be college educated, and we’re better people because of it. Housed on the fifth floor of the Florida State University Doak Campbell Stadium, we’re a small but mighty team of doers and dreamers who work hard so that thousands of students, faculty and staff may have the opportunity to experience the magic of an international education.

But of course, we can’t do it alone. Our network of faculty and staff all over the world — starting at our home base in Tallahassee, Florida — keeps us standing proudly as one of FSU’s most impactful departments. As we welcome yet another year of success and upwards of 2,000 new students into our International Programs family, we would like to introduce Noles Abroad, our official blog site, as a way to connect and celebrate the people, places and moments that have contributed to the growth of our department both on and beyond Florida State University’s main campus. We thank you for your support thus far and invite you to join us on this new leg of our journey!

On this blog, we will be sharing important information about the resources available for students looking to go abroad with FSU, such as financial aid, scholarships, academic advising and planning, safety tools and passport services. We will also be publishing detailed guides on how to plan, pack and budget for your trips, along with stories and interviews from past and present students spending time abroad at one of our international locations. Finally, for those looking to learn about how getting an international education will be beneficial for them in the long run, we will also be touching upon topics like how studying abroad can improve your mental health, increase your employability and even help you become a better friend. 

We encourage you to join us in changing the narrative around studying abroad and enabling it to move forward as the new norm in higher education. To learn about how an international education can be accessible to students of every identity, background and lifestyle; to have conversations about how studying abroad is helping young people become more confident, passionate and connected; and to go abroad and share your experiences with the Florida State community and beyond.  


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