To pack or not to pack? Download our packing list!

Packing for your study abroad trip doesn’t have to be stressful, though it can definitely feel overwhelming. It’s natural to feel flustered. After all, how do you confidently pack your whole life into a suitcase or two? How are you even supposed to know how much stuff you’ll need for a whole semester — or even a full year — abroad? Do you pack your cute, vintage jean jacket or opt for something more practical, like a rain jacket? Do you bring both? What about SHOES? Do you really need ALL THE SHOES?


All of these confusing questions and no clear answers lead to one of the most common travel mistakes: overpacking. Overpacking is the enemy of efficient travel for many reasons, many of which are associated with small details that are often overlooked. For example, elevators. Yes, elevators. Something a lot of students don’t know is that elevators aren’t as common in other countries as they are in the United States. This means that most of the time, often as soon as you arrive to your housing location, you’ll be carrying all of your bags up multiple flights of stairs. After about the first few trips up, we bet you’ll be regretting those extra shoes big time.


Packing has been a main concern for our students for a while now, so we compiled a handy-dandy packing list to make things easier for everyone. The list is available as a downloadable PDF, so you can print it out and use it as a checklist when packing for your trip. Good luck!

Download the PDF here!


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